Greenbank Under 13 Lions

Manager: Keith Jenkins
Contact Number: 07983 505391
Training day and time: Tuesday 6.30pm-8pm (Until 18th July, returning 5th September)
Home kick off time: 2.15pm
Twitter: GreenbankLions
Website: Click Here

With thanks to the teams Sponsor: Number 4 Group

Greenbank Lions Philosophy…

Playing Philosophy: We believe that football should be a fun and exciting possession based fast attacking game.

The Greenbank Lions game style is to play out from the back, and when in possession passing not just into space, but to move the defence around to create goal scoring opportunities.

We also try to encourage our Lions players to play a high pressure game where possible, with the team working hard to win the ball back.

We aim to create a football team that regains possession quickly and whenever possible tries to counter attack.

Coaching Philosophy: Allowing the Lions players to learn to love the game.

The grassroots game is an education, with the ‘winning’ being very much the long term outcome.

This doesn’t mean that winning is unimportant, everyone likes to win, everyone feels better when they win. When the players are on the pitch they want to win, but for the coaches our main priority is improving and developing the players.

If you prioritise the winning then you risk enabling each player to reach their full potential. It’s not non-competitive football, it’s simply player centred competition.

There is no pigeon-holing of Lions players into set positions, instead allowing all players the opportunity to learn how to play in the different positions, giving them the freedom to better understand the beautiful game.

Training Philosophy: Purpose in practice will equal purpose in performance

Players are allowed to practice and learn through making mistakes using game related scenarios.

Coaching sessions are designed to enable all Lions players to be comfortable on and keeping the ball in all areas of the pitch, and utilising every Lions player on the pitch, regardless of their position.

• Building technique, game understanding, and team cohesion
• Encouraging creativity, risk taking, and personal expression
• Encouraging Lions players to take control of their decisions and play with confidence, whilst being responsible for the decisions they make.
• Lions players are free to make mistakes.
• Mistakes are an opportunity for reflection, growth, and learning

Very little coaching takes place during matches. All matches are used to measure the knowledge gained in training sessions by using team or individual challenges.