Club Statement – Transfer Policy

The below statement is made by The Committee on behalf of the club.


After a meeting this evening of the management committee and it’s members, we wish to reiterate our stance in regarding to internal and external movement of players. As a club, we do not condone any approach by managers, parents or players on behalf of a team manager. It is a breach of FA rules to invite, or allow, a player who played in the Mid Lincs during the 2017/2018 season, to be involved in your team before June 1st.

We will send any breach of the above to the league and the Lincs FA for investigation.

Note for parents:

Should you wish to approach any of our teams for the 2018/2019 season, please be aware that we shall not tolerate this prior to the above deadline. Anyone wishing to move to a different team within the club, even after this deadline, should make BOTH managers concerned AND the committee aware (

If you receive an approach that you believe to be in breach of the above, please make us aware the earliest convenience.

We trust this clarifies our club position.