Greenbank Clubhouse – Helpers Needed!

Another plea for some support!

The Club are in desperate need of some more volunteers to help serve tea, coffee and cold snacks in our Greenbank Clubhouse on a Sunday.

Firstly, we’d like to start by thanking Gary, Lucy, Terry, Emma, Sian, Jackie and anyone else that has helped so far this season, without you, we wouldn’t have made it this far!

With that said, it cannot be expected that Gary and Lucy can continue to give their time every week, to ensure we can open the facility each Sunday, with the others being generous with their support when they are able to do so. Our Membership base sits at over 500 players now, so I am hopeful this plea may be able to entice a few more helpers from the circa 1000 parents this may reach!

With some upcoming holidays for our stalwarts, there is a serious risk that we will not be able to open the Clubhouse on a number of occasions between now and the end of April, which would be an unbelievable shame given the high praise we regularly receive from those using it, both home and away supporters.

Beyond that, this facility offers some much needed income into the Football Club, that allows us to keep the costs down to all of our member families. If we have to shut this, the bi-product will have to mean that the takings are transferred to any additional fee increase, which is not what any of us wish for, particularly as the costs to hire the facilities we use face their own substantial increases.

If you, your family members, or maybe some of those of school leaving age that want some experience with handling cash and customer service (references can be provided!), please email It doesn’t matter how little or often, your support is much appreciated! We typically have someone managing the Clubhouse from 9am-3pm, with those opening up spending the first hour or so ensuring the urns are warm, card machines are charged and general stocking up, and those there at 3pm ensuring the facility is safe and secure!

It would be ideal if volunteers would be willing to either do 9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm, however, beggers can’t be choosers…so any support is gratefully received!

The Club does have a Committee vacancy as role of Clubhouse Manager. This role is responsible for the general operations of the Clubhouse, including stock, cash and volunteer rotas. Please get in touch stating the role name in the email subject, if this is of interest to anybody who wishes to have a more formal role within the football club.

Many thanks for your help and understanding, in advance!