Notice to Parents, Guardians and other Spectators

We have recently received glowing feedback from various quarters about the conduct of all of our players. This something we are very proud of.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the feedback received about the pitch side behaviour. It’s very disappointing to receive numerous complaints about the way parents, guardians and other spectators are conducting themselves on our sidelines. On top of these complaints, will come financial penalty. We will seek to pass this financial penalty on to anyone responsible for bringing this great club in to disrepute.

Perhaps even more disappointing is that this behaviour can, and will, result in points deductions for any teams found guilty (If the team is of an age where there is competitive football)

We do wish to stress that, as usual, this is a minority and we will not let the minority tarnish our name.


  • NK is a no smoking OR vaping zone
  • No dogs are allowed
  • Referees are volunteers
  • Coaches are volunteers
  • Players are young – they’ll make mistakes
  • Shouting, abuse or otherwise, is not tolerated in any capacity

On behalf of The Committee